NMIMS assignment DEC 2019 – What according to you is the root cause of the problem and what could be the other possible repercussions of the same

What according to you is the root cause of the problem and what could be the other possible repercussions of the same

What according to you is the root cause of the problem and what could be the other possible repercussions of the same


Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection


  1. Explain the concept of quality of work life. Give an example of your own work place/ any other where you think initiatives for quality of work life of employees are taken. Elucidate the initiatives. (10 Marks)

  2. Manpower planning is an essential function in organizations. While it may not always lead to a positive process, it sometimes leads to actions such as corporate restructuring.

Do you think corporate restructuring has become rampant? Give any one industry example. What are your views on corporate restructuring in the light of advanced technology, IoT and artificial intelligence? (10 Marks

  1. Greencloud is a reputed Air Conditioner manufacturer for more than four decades now. They recently came up with a new design in air conditioners which could be moved from one place to the other. During the installation of one of such air conditioners, the customer service agent encounters a conflict on installation of a particular part with the customer. The customer happens to prove himself right and produces an evidence of the e-catalogue he had referred while buying from the e-commerce website. On asking the agent about his unawareness of the installation of the particular part, he replied that they are right away sent for service calls after product launches without a formal training and all the knowledge that they gather is from various tech and social media websites.

  2. What according to you is the root cause of the problem and what could be the other possible repercussions of the same? (5 Marks)

  3. b. What kind of action plan do you suggest in the above case? (5 Marks)

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